What Dr.Joseph Goebbels Really Said At The Sportpalast in reference to the Jewish control of German media. February 10, 1933

“While originally working with the Colorized film of Adolf Hitler and Dr. Goebbels @ the Sportpalast on the evening of Feb. 10, 1933 . . I noticed something . At the point where Dr. Goebbels is quoted as saying: “Communists, expect to get the worst drubbing you’ve ever had!” I kept hearing the words “Karl Liebknecht” and “haus”, but my command of the German wasn’t very good at the time, I knew something didn’t sound right. From reading about the Communist takeover of Germany at the end of WWI, the Communist revolutions during the Weimar Republic era, and the history of the NSDAP itself – I knew about the Jewish agitating front-man for “Revolution in Germany”, Karl Liebknecht, and of course the Karl Liebknecht House (Haus in German) is where many of the texts came from that were burned in the bonfire by the German College Students…

As I began listening to the spoken German language more in order to acquaint myself with it I began looking for (mostly) Adolf Hitler’s speeches with Eng. translations. I soon came across the original Feb 10, 1933 Sportpalast footage translated into English in the early 1980’s. I remembered to pay attention when I heard the same sentences. The following is the Colorized footage from the newer Documentary with the gaps filled in by the original B&W footage. The Colorized segments are what they put in “Nazi” Documentaries these days … The Black and White segments are added in from the actual reel from the NSDAP Sportpalast meeting held Feb. 10, 1933. What we’re told Goebbels said is usually put in this way (often removing minutes of his speech between sentences in fact) by splicing the clips together very nicely in order to make things appear to be a certain way, when in fact they are not.

“If the Jewish Newspapers think they can intimidate us with their hidden threats, They’d better watch out, our patience has it’s limits. One day we’ll shut their dirty, lying Jewish mouths.”

And then we see Goebbels on the screen again, as if this was the next statement that he made:

“Members of the Party (NSDAP) and SA men, don’t worry, the end of the Red Terror is sooner than you think. Communists, expect to get the worse drubbing you’ve ever had.”

What tipped me off to the fact that the mistranslations & misrepresentations were being offered up to us in NS Germany clips was hearing the words “Karleibknecht” and “haus” – I know about there being the “Karl Liebknecht Haus”, a Communist stronghold that was raided by the NSDAP after 1933. Many of the books and other pieces of “literature” from the KLH are what was burned in the great NS Students’ bonfire – which was done to get rid of much of the Anti German, Pro Communist, Pro Filth literature that had been circulating in Germany thanks to the Communist revolutionary and mouthpiece, Jew Karl Liebknecht. Now, I didn’t start out watching these clips in the beginning speaking much German, and I still speak very little – but I do know when I hear the words “Karl Liebknecht” and “haus”, that there is no way of translating that into anything similar to “Communists, expect to get the worse drubbing you’ve ever had.”

I realized something was obviously wrong with what we are being made to believe Dr. Josef Goebbels was saying, even if only a slight difference, there must have been a difference, so I found the footage from that night and watched it in its entirety.” – Absit


– Colorized film footage of February 10, 1933 NSDAP meeting at the Sportpalast is from: ‘Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler – The Color Films’, Season 1, Episode 1

– Stock B&W footage reproduced and translated by: International Historic Films, Inc. (1984)