If the Holohoax was 100% real, it would not be necessary to pass laws forbidding the discussion of its validity.

There is of course no physical evidence that 6 million Jews were gassed to death during World War II. The stories about Jews being turned into lampshades along with other fantasies based on Soviet war propaganda have been widely disproved.

There are many “six million Jews” lines in the newspaper articles starting from the year 1900.
Let’s look at this picture (Newspaper – Daily Sentinel, Rome, N.Y., Tuesday Evening, January 31, 1939).
It says 6 million jews in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia have been murdered as of January 31, 1939, but Heinrich Himmler ordered the creation of Auschwitz camp only in April 27, 1940. Concentration Camps like Belzec, Majdanek, and Chelmno were only built in 1941. Treblinka, Plaszow, and Sobibor were only built in 1942. Another important point is the so called official Holocaust story claims that Nazis only started killing Jews at concentration camps from 1941.

It is easy to understand that so horrifying a tragedy could not physically be carried out by only a few hundred, or even by a few thousand, that it could not be accomplished without a very extensive organization, benefiting by the help and collaboration of the most diverse sectors of national life, practically all branches of government, in other words, without the collusion of millions of people who knew, who saw, who accepted, or who, in any case, even if they did not agree, kept silent and, most often, worked without reacting in making their contribution to the machinery of the alleged extermination.

Those archives were sided by the victorious powers with a view toward the Nuremberg trials: Hundreds of thousands of seized German documents were assembled in all haste at Nuremberg in order to be used as evidence against the principal the Germans but only at the confessions by Allied torture methods.

The Americans alone examined 1,100 tons of documents from which they selected 2,500 documents. One would expect, then, to be submerged by a flood of documents establishing the reality of the “extermination” of the Jews, but matters presented themselves in a very different manner. Only the campaign to exterminate the Jews, as concerns its completion, as well as in many other essential aspects, remains steeped in fog and lies. Certain details, nevertheless, will remain unknown forever. No document remains, and has perhaps never existed.

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