Dear friends, Truth seekers, we have entered a stage, when conspiracy theories become reality. When the people around you naively obey the information and instructions pushed by the system, and if you think or see things differently, you will be ridiculed, humiliated, you will be reported, and perhaps even obliterated.

Freedom of the press and opinion have vanished, even though they were already just remnants. Disinformation is presented as a fact, and real facts are downplayed, blocked, altered, or banned. THEY are trying to convince us of what George Orwell wrote in his ever-increasingly realistic novel “1984”: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” All useful idiots are working extra shifts for THEM in all countries around the World while Facebook and Youtube are escalating their censorship.

An exciting, significant and critical era has begun. THEY want more control, THEY are carrying out their plan. Do you think all those “house arrests” and orders from governments have ended? Far from that. THEY will continue to raise restrictions, continue to take our freedoms and rights away from us, gradually, until we get used to each one of them and make our peace with all this. Will raise them, while behind the scenes of all this hysteria, THEY will do what THEY want to do (continuation of tree cutting, installing 5G next to your windows and destroying state economies are just few of those things).

As David Icke said, “The World is ruled by psychopaths, run by idiots.” This is pure truth, seeing how the whole chain of medics, politicians and businessmen, every one of them just carry out orders from someone above them. And only those psychopaths sitting at the top of that chain see the whole picture and know the whole plan.

I wish you all to remain vigilant, to rely more on your intuition than on the major “media” sources, to look critically at all information you find on the Internet, especially in “official” sources, and not to give in to hysteria and fear.

This is the time when some of our small disagreements between like-minded people that surround us must be pushed aside, in the name of unity and struggle for our right to THINK FREELY.

We would like to share with you the original, first “1984” movie, created in 1956. A movie based on the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, depicting a totalitarian future society. Unfortunatelly, that future is now…

Movie ends with words that are important now more than ever: “This then is a story of a future. It could be a story of our children, if we fail to preserve their heritage of Freedom“.