The Powers of Darkness use their media as a controlling mechanism but lose control when you become your own publishing house or newspaper editor. You are Adolf Hitler, you are Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and you are Walter Cronkite or, if you wish, Paul Craig Roberts.

This generation is burning the mass media to the ground. We are reclaiming our rights to world history.

Conventional newspaper readership and broadcasting is in free-fall as it collapses under the weight of the uncontrolled internet. Conventional media is caught on a cleft stick as they compete to retain power but lose their grip.

Mainstream media’s fear of the internet has brought about a change in strategy. Their last stronghold is to censor, water down, deny or scorn information spread by the uncontrolled internet. Today’s struggle is for credibility and readership; it is a battle they have already lost.

You are now free to go in and pick up the pieces. You do this by lighting the candles of others who share your plight. True National Socialism will never be subverted. Not by the Left, nor by the Right.