The video is the depiction through story and silent narrative of the real Holocaust that was delivered to a densely populated city of refugees, fleeing from a war that was forced upon them on September 3rd, 1939. I have also included Herbert Smagons paintings that depict other atrocities in conjunction with the Dresden fire bombings which took place on February 13-15 1945. To learn more in depth of this holocaust click the link below and watch the documentary “Hellstorm”. It should be noted you need not be a National Socialist nor a German to lament these crimes against Humanity. The people of the world will arise and the truth will be known in the end.

“I belong to the generation of the eye-witnesses of the 20-century connected with the fate of the Germans. As educating artists feel I forced the experienced whole truth of the history, which is concealed until today if possible, artistically to naturally process themselves and for future generations testify.” – Herbert Smagon

The paintings are by Herbert Smagon, who was born on January 2, 1927 in Karwin, Silesia (nowadays part of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He experienced first-hand the harassment that the German minorities suffered in that particular region by the Czechs. He fled with his family to Berlin. In 1943 he served his military service as an auxiliary staff member of the German Luftwaffe, later on he studied in the Academy of Fine Arts of the Austrian capital.

Herbert Smagon belongs to the generation of eyewitnesses who survived the hell of the European catastrophe. His work tells the story of the horrors of the spoils of war (perpetrated by the so-called victorious ‘Allied Forces’ on the German people) that the political institutions wish to silence even up to this day.

His paintings about the end of WWII in Germany are like a graphic depiction of ‘HELLSTORM The Death of Nazi Germany’ by Thomas Goodrich.