You have been taught to believe that a Utopian society was impossible. It behooves us all to understand what National Socialist Germany achieved in six years.

It would have been the beginning of the end for the New World Order schemes upon all those who are peace loving people on this Earth. An end to a corrupt system of financial enslavement.

An end to poverty…


  1. I watch this this video at least once a week if not more. If this video doesn’t fire your ass up, then I don’t know what would. I have shared this so many times. When I see this video removed from certain places, I think it is truly ridiculous because you would have to look and search and pick it apart looking for something to be offended by. I think the video is excellent in showcasing how much pride these people had in their Homeland and that they weren’t afraid to show it! Clearly you can see how happy everyone was and I love how in his speech he speaks of what a beautiful place Germany truly is, and it is so true that Germany is such a gem amongst other European nations.
    I remember when you first put this video out and everyone went crazy over it saying that you definitely outdid yourself! As always, you are awesome! 🦅🎖⚔