General Robert Wood testified that in 1936 Churchill told him that
Germany is getting too strong and must be smashed. (p. 130).
For what reason? Bernard Baruch tells us. After an interview
with Roosevelt in September 1939, Baruch released a report to the
press in which he said:

“If we keep our prices down, there is no reason why we
shouldn’t get the customers from belligerent nations that they
have had to drop because of the war. In that event Germany’s
barter system will be destroyed.”
(N.Y. Times, 14th Sept. 1939)

In this speech from 8th November Munich, Adolf Hitler first makes fun Churchill’s propaganda figures regarding the sinking of German U-Boats, calling him the “General Liar of World History”. He then discusses Churchill’s policy of aerial bombing of cities, targeting civilians. Hitler states that “for years I had made proposals to the world to forsake aerial bombing in warfare, especially against civilian populations, but that it was England who refused this, probably anticipating a new war, because democrats are such psychics”. He states that he himself did not use this method and wage war against civilians in Poland, and nor did he allow nightly air raids on Polish cities, as at night you cannot accurately hit your targets, so bombing was mostly by day and against military targets, and that the same was true in the battles in Norway, Holland, Belgium and France. Suddenly, Hitler says, Churchill realized he was not having success penetrating German airspace by day, so he came up with the idea of night attacks to “terrorize the German civilian population”.. He speaks of how patient he was and allowed the Brits to continue for some time, in the hopes that they would stop, but it did not. Hitler says regarding Churchill, “I thought to myself the man is crazy! He is introducing a new type of warfare, and one which can only lead to England’s destruction!” He talks about how, after Germany had already won the war on the western front, he had again extended his hand in peace to England, and how once again he was chided and spat upon. “Halifax behaved like a madman!” Instead of halting, he says, they stepped up the bombing attacks, so it put more pressure upon him from the German side to retaliate. He states how he waited three months before issuing orders for retaliation strikes against British cities. “Alas, I’m taking up this battle” he states, and “that means the fight to the end from now on! They wanted this fight; they shall have it!” “They wanted to destroy Germany by an air war; I shall show the what will be destroyed!” He says that he has “petty on the English people” and how “they can only thank the common criminal Churchill for this!”. He carries to chastise Churchill and then says that he made a mistake in testing the resolve of the German people; that this is a new Germany he is dealing with,which will become more zealous in her resolve with every bomb dropped. Germany has had enough of this nonsense and is determined to put an end to it. He repeats “they wanted this fight; they shall have it!” and Germany will never capitulate. He says they must fight to the finish and not run the risk of a short war that would resume again in a few years. Hitler says “The German Folk want to have peace finally! A peace (as he had always said) that would allow the Germans to work and which does not allow international scoundrels to agitate other peoples against us! These are the vermin who make their fortunes through war. I have no reason to wage war for material considerations. For us it is a sad enterprise that robs the German people and entire community of so much time and manpower. I do not possess any stocks in the armament industry; I do not earn anything in this war. I would be happy if we could work again as I used to for my people. But these international War Criminals are at the same time, the armament industry’s greatest black market profiteers! They own the factories; they make business! The same people we had previously had here in Germany. There can be but one confrontation with these people; one of us must break, and this will not under any circumstances be Germany!”

Hitler goes on then to honor the early fallen comrades who shed their blood for the National Socialist movement and for their love of Germany. He spoke of the commitment of those men to restoring Germany’s honor and dignity after crime of the Versailles Treaty, how it could not remain and be permitted to burden and shame the German people for forever., that it had to be erased from our history. Finally, Hitler says, is the type of spirit that is now again needed.

“In this spirit we face the outside world today and we will complete what they fought for back then! Our enemies believe they are destroying Germany. They will be proved mistaken. Germany will rise from battle all the more! “