Knowing that the Germans wouldn’t tolerate the ethnic persecutions against their people in the lost territories given to Poland by the Versailles Treaty the Zionist probably promoted these nonsense pogrom’s using their controlled media, financed by the powerful banksters as a manoeuvre to provoke the Germans, luring them into invading Poland, thus creating a pretext to start one more profitable war as France and Britain reassured and promise assistance in Poland’s foreign policy to whatever it may be.

The worst massacres will take place between 31 August and 6th September. The climax came n 3rd September in Bromberg, in what is known as Bloody Sunday. The mass murders would only end on the18th of September with the arrival of German troops near Lowitsch.

The Poles were out to defend the interest of these intellectual elite which were being threatened by the progress created by the National Socialist movement, that if wasn’t brought to a halt, would certainly inspire the rest of the world into follow its example. If Germany wasn’t stopped, perhaps the world would be freed of the Bankster’s usury and these so called Freemasons, bankers designation to exploit, undermine and subjugate other peoples by sordid means and endless cycle of debt. Ironically enough, it seems the allies fought and defeated their liberators to save the world’s enslavers as you can see today. Adolf Hitler would be able to save the remaining Germans and would only retake territories lost to the asinine treaty of treaty of Versailles while Soviet Union takes the rest, however war would only be declared on Germany by the England and France.

“Once again the peoples were told that if they destroyed the leader of the German nation all would be well with the world. Germany rallied behind its leader. Britain trusted its Government. Both peoples believed their leaders would save the world. It was a tragedy of faith in men. One nation has to fight for a new economic and political system the other to preserve the old ones.”


In April 1943, the Germans discovered at Katyn, near Smolensk in occupied Russia, a mass grave of thousands of Polish officers who had been taken prisoner by the Soviets in 1939, and shot by Soviet secret police in April 1940. On Goebbels’ orders, German newspapers and magazines devoted great attention to the story, giving it weeks of detailed, often front-page coverage. His astute treatment of the story contributed significantly to a major Allied political defeat — a break in relations between the Soviet government and the Polish government-in-exile. (Meanwhile, American and British officials and newspapers backed the Soviet lie that Germans were responsible for the atrocity.)