77 years ago today the Slovaks entered a genuine autonomy, which ended in 1945 during the era 1. Slovak Republic (Slovakian State), It was known as ” SLOVAKIA SCHLARAFFENLANDE ‘ – the land of plenty and abundance.

The first Slovak Republic or so. Slovak state, the official Slovak Republic, was a public body in the territory of present day Slovakia between 1939 – 1945 It was the first independent Slovak state in modern history, one of the smallest countries in Europe at that time.

The official name since the adoption of the Constitution July 21, 1939 sounded Slovak Republic, until the State polooficiálne characterized as the Slovak State (first with small, then with a capital S).

It was established on the territory of Slovakia (excluding the areas which were after the First Vienna Award Hungary and initially without small areas annexed to Poland) on 14 March 1939 after a previous interview Hitler (agreement) of Jozef Tiso and Ferdinand Ďurčanský on March 13, 1939 Berlin. Altogether the new state has been recognized by 27 countries internationally, including the Soviet Union.

The emergence of Slovakia is assessed in various groups of negative and positive. Anyway, however it was a historic milestone.

Closest relations Slovak state was due to the circumstances of its establishment with National Socialist Germany. The German Empire was among the first countries which recognized the Slovak state. Germany has also put in the position of defender of the sovereignty of Slovakia.

Thanks to National Socialist Germany they developed and prospered Slovakia to this day.