Bolshevism and Judaism provides prosperity to Jews and destruction to non Jews at the same time. That is what Stalin stood for. And this is the reason why Stalin and Jews caused so much destruction on non Jews. However Stalin who was most likely not Jewish did whatever it took to keep stay in power and doing the bidding of the Bolsheviks.… – Soviet government was mostly Jewish – Vladimir Putin

After finally succeeding in their Red Revolutions and the subsequent establishment of communism throughout Russia, would result in millions deaths from rape, murder, torture and famine of Russians (mostly Orthodox Christians) Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belorussian, Hungarian, Romanian and German people. You will never hear about Holodomor in the history books.

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the ‘Russian Revolution.’ It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”