7 May 1945 – General Jodl signed the unconditional surrender of all German forces to the Allies, to take effect on the following day, at Eisenhower’s headquarters near Rheims, France; the Soviets witnessed the surrender at Rheims, but did not recognize the surrender until another document was signed in the Soviet-conquered territory. On the same day, German occupation forces in Norway surrendered. Britain would mark VE day (Victory in Europe) for 8 May 1945.

Germans and collaborators perished in the years after the war had officially ended. It is a crime that will never be forgotten, and it is a crime that will forever stain the hands and national consciences of the former USSR, the United States of America, Great Britain and her Commonwealth nations.

The world lost in 1945.

Written with chalk in Russian “so we (fucked) your granny and we are here” on the Reichskanzlei sign at 07:12.

Contains some excerpts from The Greatest Story Never Told by Dennis Wise.