He freed the Germans from the Rothschild’s Talmudic tyranny for 12 years. Hitler could walk freely in huge crowds without fear of being shot at, not that Hitler had any fear of death whatsoever anyway, after surviving 48 battles as a German soldier in WW I. Hitler repeatedly volunteered for dangerous duties in that war, he was a kind of courier, routinely walking through a hail of enemy bullets to deliver important commands to the front line, since in those days, two way radio communication did not yet exist.

Perhaps the only real risk in walking among the public was that of getting mobbed by adoring, autograph-seeking girls, and judging by the look on the Fuhrer’s face, he didn’t mind that much either.

Hitler was never a dictator, he was the leader of a popular grassroots movement to end Jewish or the politically correct term Zionist tyranny. Whenever someone tries to make the argument that “Hitler was a dictator”, they cite The Enabling Act as proof that Hitler dissolved the “legitimate government or the Weimar Republic” and took over as dictator. In reality, *The Enabling Act* was when the Jewish Rothschild dictatorship ended, as the Weimar Constitution, written by a Jew named Preuss, was a sham democracy, a punitive post-Versailles monstrosity, which caused nothing but further hardship for the already much beleaguered, post WW I German nation, to begin with. Hitler simply put the Weimar Republic out of it’s misery, with the full support of his people. Loved by the people, admired by the youth.


  1. Please do more of such footage-to-music thematic videos. You said you have some gems from French documentaries and other such not seen before sources, so I think people would appreciate it. And higher bitrate please (though I understand video hosting is expensive) – 1-2 mbps is just NOT enough.