The Secret of Oz (2009)

In 1996, in a documentary called “The MoneyMasters”, we asked the question, why is America going broke? It wasn’t clear then that we were,...

New World Order: Communism By The Backdoor

All that is Gold does not glitter, all who wander are not lost, the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by...


Hellstorm - a documentary that tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know. Learn the terrible truth about the...

“The New World Order”

Narrated by Truth Media Films Edited By: The Impartial Truth

Adolf Hitler Explains Why They Attacked Stalingrad

On this day, 75 years ago, Adolf Hitler explains the reasoning and the military objectives for the Eastern Front in 1942. Case Blue (German: Fall...

A Last Appeal To Reason Soundtrack – Why They Envy Us

By Steven Price The full OST will be released to supporters on patreon: Documentary releases on July 19th.

Churchkill vs Hitler

Let us compare Winston Churchill's mindset in contrast to Adolf Hitler during the second World War.