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      Not quite sure if this belongs here, however this sure as hell doesn’t belong on the religion or history forums. Mods, please remove this if it doesn’t belong.
      Anyways, what do you do to self improve? Whether it’s breaking away from old degenerate habits and creating new, wholesome habits, physical activity, improving your diet, learning something new, and everything in-between, what have you done/are doing to become a better person than you once were?
      I’ll start the thread by saying that I’m studying French, while improving my diet from an average one to a strict healthy diet.

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      My self improvement focuses largely on the expansion of my knowledge ever since my wholehearted aception of national socialism. The removal of degenerate habits is second on the list. Health wise i’ve started small dietary changes with the eventual goal of returning to my former physical strength and fitness.

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      This is a very good post. I would say to just remind yourself that this world is temporary and nobody lives forever, that you really have everything to live for. A healthy life mentally as well as physically is the best way to live. I think the more you become awake to just how short this life really is, you’ll begin to better yourself. Though it all starts with your mind set.

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      Also I think in addition to my last comment, aspiring to make the world better with those facts should give you the proper boost of inspiration to strive more in self improvement. You never know how many chances we’ll have as a species. So basically the same thing as I said in the end, your mindset. Thought it’d be a good thing to add though.

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      An update on my self improvement:
      -Even though not much, I’ve lost the most of my unnecessary fat, and this past month I’ve started to exercise more often.
      -I’ve recently become involved in my local public library as a side hobby. Even though the majority of people there are basic liberals, I enjoy being there as it feels nice to be involved in local events.
      -As for my French studies, I’ve become decently fluent in basic conversation and have made a few friends who live in France.
      -My diet: I’ve become accustom to my “strict healthy” diet, and feel a lot better about food by each passing day. I started my diet by eating mostly fruits, vegetables, and nuts, however I have started incorporating meats more and more into it as I start to exercise more often.
      Those are my main self improvement updates.
      For everyone who wants to post in the thread, don’t be afraid to make updates. Or, if you know you that you’re in a bad situation and feel embarrassed about sharing your lifestyle, don’t. I’ll be glad to give advice as none of us are perfect, however we should strive to be.

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      I’ve managed to mostly phase out meat over the course of six months. I’ve also intensively preoccupied myself with creative work so that I can go up to six hours without having to eat. It’s perfectly untrue that humans need meat to be healthy. The arguments for vegetarianism from the Master and Dr. Goebbels are sufficient.

      I’ve been trying to absorb every aspect of Hitler’s worldview, insofar as it is in agreement with truth/reality. Hitler particularly enjoyed reading humanist polemics and was acclaimed as a Stoic. Therefore, Voltaire, Frederick the Great, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, and Schopenhauer are the best places to start off from, although Schopenhauer should be counterbalanced with Nietzsche.

      When you take into consideration how frequently Beethoven was irritated by his hearing loss, similar to how FDR and Wilson were afflicted by their paralysis, and what Goethe said about him and his music, one must admit that Beethoven actually marks a decline of music.

      Naturally I’ve inclined myself towards musicians who weren’t influenced by him, including Goethe’s favorite musician, Zelter. I also make exceptions for Bruckner and Wagner, of course, them being Hitler’s favorites.

      Personal Philosophy:
      I believe everything should be cultivated and calculated for the future considering how all really great plans are unlikely to be fulfilled within one lifetime.

      Unfortunately, this is the one area I haven’t been able to raise myself from, in spite of the NS philosophy that a healthy body should be the basis of knowledge and the prerequisite to a healthy mind.

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