World War 2 – British Massacre Confessions of Bleiburg

In the defense of the town of Kupres where outnumbered the Croats and other ustase units defended the civilian population against four communist partisan...

Slovakian SS

During World War II, Slovakia was an ally of National Socialist Germany. The Slovak Republic under President Josef Tiso signed the Tripartite Pact on...

Dutch SS

A tribute to the Dutch SS.

Adolf Hitler – The Smear Campaign, January 30 1939

"All of us are aware that these elements are not representative of the will of millions of American citizens who do not doubt for...

Adolf Hitler’s Economic Reform

Under Hitler, the strategy for recovery was largely the work of his economics minister, Gottfried Feder. The NSDAP leadership looked upon the charging of...

The National Socialist Revolution

It is incumbent upon us all to fight the growing menace of the New World Order and these Zionist warmongers. "How deliciously ironic it is...

Adolf Hitler – The European Crusade

"Lord Give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children's children, not only for ourselves but also...

Oswald Mosley Documentary – Europeans

A documentary based around the work, speeches, and life events of Sir Oswald Mosley, a 20th century British politician, European visionary, and compassionate humanist. Mosley...

Adolf Hitler And The Youth In Color

He freed the Germans from the Rothschild's Talmudic tyranny for 12 years. Hitler could walk freely in huge crowds without fear of being shot...

New World Order – Israel is Rothschild

"I emphasized that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her...



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