Adolf Hitler Unites Germany and Austria, 1938

After the referendum, Germany and Austria are united. United as one people on March 13. German forces parade through Vienna, March 17, 1938. Millions of...

Oswald Mosley Documentary – Europeans

A documentary based around the work, speeches, and life events of Sir Oswald Mosley, a 20th century British politician, European visionary, and compassionate humanist. Mosley...

Joseph Goebbels On Media and Propaganda

Goebbels became a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party in 1924. Goebbels eventually became acquainted with the organization’s leader, Adolf Hitler. At...

“The New World Order”

Narrated by Truth Media Films Edited By: The Impartial Truth

Adolf Hitler – Opening of The Winter Relief Organization

Adolf Hitler opens the Winterhilfswerk. October 6th, 1936.

Adolf Hitler – God Created Our People, 1934

Adolf Hitler's speech at the Nuremberg rally 1934.

“Victory Day”

In remembrance of the 72nd anniversary of "Victory Day". The day the world lost. For now...

Adolf Hitler’s Speech On Operation Barbarossa

Adolf Hitler's FULL excerpt on Operation Barbarossa. October 3rd 1941. Historians have debated whether Stalin was planning an invasion of German territory in the summer...

Snubbing of Jesse Owens Myth

The German crowd cheered wildly for Owens as he won 4 Gold Medals as both a sprinter and long jumper. But the Zionist media...

Adolf Hitler – “We Will Have Won”

A video I created for my birthday, which just happens to be 6 days before Adolf Hitler. May ALL the good peoples of this...



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