Love is the energy at the center of all life. It is the reality beneath our fears, the breath within the breath, the seed of all that grows. I do not mean this in the fairy tail, rainbows and unicorns sense. Loving ourselves, loving others, and loving spirit/God are inseparable, for all life is interconnected and sacred. Love is an energy force like the air you breathe; if you withdraw your love from anyone, you take your breath away.

It has what kept me going for years despite inner and outer turmoil. The love for the idea, that via National Socialism mankind could ascend from its primitive impulses. At the time when I wanted to give up, The Vindex (Spero Patria) strengthened my resolve for this channel and my purpose. Thank you.

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The most important Socialist principle runs: common good before private good. Certainly there is deserved private profit, but this must always be subordinate to the well-being of the entire folk. If everyone cares only for himself, then the folk goes to ruin, and every individual along with it, but if everyone devotes himself to the community, then the Folk thrives and along with it every individual also thrives as a member of the folk.”

— Maennel Hansjoerg (Politische Fibel, NSDAP, 1934)

I followed those words both in spirit and in practice. For years it seemed apparent that despite every hurdle, my desire for the greater good kept me from faltering completely. You all played a big part in keeping me resolute. I think there’s a level of thinking that’s is above the base level whereby the intelligent human wishes to rise above this nature and achieve a level of peace and harmony and true equality for his/her community. This is a noble goal based on good intentions (when it is reached organically through intelligent thought and wishes rather than when it is reached through an ideology like Communism for destructive ends).

I would propose that this higher view is only in actuality a midway point, and there is a smarter level of thinking still, above that which is acknowledging the realities of life and attempting to work with it rather than against it. Yet in our already up-hill climb struggle to uncover the impartial truth in our lives, we often stray from the path that the great National Socialist Germany and their allies preached and fought for. Honor, integrity, compassion. As National Socialists do we not strive to better ourselves not just physically but spiritually?

Missing the unspoken vow we all took to uphold the moral character that Herr Adolf Hitler and the German people bestowed upon us in the spirit of National Socialism. To be of higher character. To judge one’s actions through work, and behavior rather their situation or the way that God or Nature simply made them out to be. Not through arrogance and pity. It’s our natural inclination to be distraught when we see the news, see how far we all have fallen. Instead of uniting (not in the Liberal-Marxist sense) we divide ourselves, end relationships because we do not agree with one another, or simply because they are not of our folk… We miss the understanding we’re not truly enemies and this plight against the NWO/JWO we all face. War is being waged against you, so respond in kind. This problem does not require further analysis, it simply requires action. Uplift yourself.

Palestinian National Socialists

Man or woman. European, Asian, Middle-Eastern. Poor or rich. Brittle or strong. Your character will be defined ONLY by your spiritual state and your behavior. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION. Remove your genocidal, miserable thoughts. Remove untermensch behavior. When you operate at a higher frequency you will not only live a happier life, but your resolve to fight will be even greater. Far too often the extreme untermensch supremacy-vile arrogance boasting about lynching people is seeped into people’s behavior of this movement, or the opposite of having an inferiority complex of not being good enough. Neither serves the eternal struggle for mankind, nor for your loved ones. Neither serves you.

“Everything is what you make of it, even yourself.” — Joseph Goebbels

The way I personify the ideal NS or higher man is by an Angle. Loving and compassionate, but also zealously strong and will smite you with all its power if you harm them or their loved ones. It does not go out of its way to harm or disparage others, it is not lowly being out for pitiful remarks or actions. You can lie to yourself, but only your virtue will determine if you are who you say you are. No one is perfect, but one must always strive for betterment. Onward to 2018!

Lord God, give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children’s children, not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for our German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind.

— Adolf Hitler, Jan. 30, 1942


  1. Never capitulate, never stop Kamerad! Love this site and have it as my home page. You have done WONDERFUL work (and I DO mean work) for our current Volk and for the Deutsche Volk that were the forbearers of the National Socialist fight. I am 50 years old and our Volk HAS to have future generations educated in what is RIGHT, National Socialism and the virtuous vision of Adolf Hitler. You have been doing this and doing it VERY well! Equally as important, they also must have unwavering faith in God and Christ, as the Fuhrer likewise did.
    We look forward to your future work and the growing of this site!

  2. “Remove untermensch behavior” As the decadent and degenerative social engineering agendas pushed by Jews become ever more prevalent and main stream, the task is getting ever more challenging. To reverse this unfortunate trend, the satanic kikes in high power positions must be removed first!

  3. Very, very well done article. I agree with many points of what you have stated, mainly National Socialism itself. “You judge a person of his/her’s capabilities and work. Not the way he/she looks or acts” Very well said. I wish you the best of luck in your new projects and the people of my home country and my native country the best of luck. For that we in the end are the victors.

    Your hard work is precious.

  4. What a Wonderful Good Hearted Truth Letter Well Done I Agreee 100% the Seeds of Truth is at Hand , not even God Could remove this for this Reason for what Ones Sows them shale Reap, for Just Like a Lemon Seed Cannot Be a Apple Tree same with ous the Seeds of hitler and Germany is at Hand The Truth is at hand period the archons have fallen and its time for Men of Truth and Love to All humanity, Now Now Now WithAllLovingKindNess Michael (OLIVE2M)